How did We Get Here?


In São José do Rio Preto (SP), Rodobens is founded as a Mercedes-Benz Trucks dealership





Rodobens creates the first truck Consórcio in Brazil
Beginning of Rodobens Consórcio.





Business expansion in Brazil to the Midwest, North, Northeast and South regions.




Creation of Rodobens Insurance Broker and beginning of the activities with agriculture machines.






Expansion of the dealerships to other regions of Brazil.






Rodobens continues to expand its channels/ portfolio Creation of Rodobens Bank and Leasing & Rental





Integration of the automotive and financial segments with the creation of the Rodobens Negócios e Soluções. Lauching the Rodobens University and the new brand. Lauching of the Hyundai dealership. Rodobens is elected one of the 150 best companies to work.