Rodobens continuously strives to improve its corporate governance practices. Complying with the provisions of the Brazilian Code of Corporate Governance – Listed Companies, issued in November 2016 by the Inter-Agents Working Group, and other IBGC recommendations, the Company adopts practices such as:

  • mandatory public offering to acquire shares when there is transactions with the sale of equity control to all partners and not only to controlling shareholders. All shareholders must have the option to sell their shares at the same price and under the same conditions. The transfer of control must be done at a transparent price;
  • hiring an independent audit firm that are not caring out internal audit services for the Company;
  • the positions of chief executive officer and chairman of the board of directors are not held by the same person;
  • adopting risk management policy, code of ethics and conduct and securities trading policy;
  • minutes of the board of directors’ meeting clearly written and recording the decisions taken, the people attending, the divergent votes and the abstentions; and
  • using the shareholders’ meeting to notify the conduct of the company’s business, with the minutes allowing full understanding of the discussions held at the meeting and identifying the shareholders’ votes.

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