Rodobens at-a-Glance

Rodobens is a financial services platform, leveraged in an automotive retail ecosystem, which distributes its products and services in over 3,318 points of sale throughout Brazil, combining physical and digital channels, both owned and partnered. Its broad products and services portfolio is divided between financial (such as Consórcio, Loans and Financing, Insurance Brokerage and Vehicles Leasing and Rental) and automotive (such as New and Used Vehicles and After Sales Services).

The Company was born in the countryside of São Paulo, in São José do Rio Preto, where it started expanding to the country’s Midwest, getting stronger with Brazilian agribusiness’ expansion and growth. With over 70 years of history, the Company always strives to achieve its purpose of “Being the Partner for the Next Step” of customers, employees, and business partners, being close to and following its customers throughout their lives, offering solutions to help them make their dreams come true and protect their achievements.

The Company operates in an integrated and synergistic way in an integrated solutions ecosystem that allows cross-selling at strategic points in the customer’s life cycle. The Company believes that its products and services variety provides a unique opportunity to be in constant contact with them since the beginning of their financial lives. The Company understands that this constant presence strengthens their trust in our work, thus building a solid and long-lasting relationship with its customers.

To support its distribution strategy, the Company has points of contact with customers in different sales channels throughout the national territory. The Company has over 2,700 points of sale and over 3,500 commissioned agents, between Consórcio distributors, insurance distributors,  loan products distributors,  own employees in its sales teams throughout Brazil, besides the digital channels (websites and apps) developed specifically to make its customers’ journey easier and further expand our brand’s reach, as shown below. Among these points of sale, we highlight its dealerships network (own and third parties) and commissioned agents network and its associations and partnerships with top brands network (ranging from commercial agreements to joint ventures), thus expanding its distribution capacity and offering a significant expansion opportunity.

The Company’s car and commercial vehicle dealership network was built based on long-standing relationships with Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and Hyundai. In total, 45 Rodobens dealerships distribute vehicles, parts, and services and offer all financial services. Besides the national presence, the Company believes to be well-positioned in key markets, with dealers located in top growing regions in Brazil, highlighting its strong presence in regions with diverse business opportunities, such as, for example, Midwest’s agricultural region. The Company’s historical work and knowledge of automotive retail also made it possible to distribute financial services in third-party dealership networks, with over 250 additional sales points.

In turn, the Company’s commissioned agent channel expands its ability to distribute financial services beyond the automotive retail ecosystem. Over the years, the Company has developed a robust distribution network via commissioned agents. These agents operate in over 800 municipalities in the country, in 27 states, mainly focusing on cities with up to 300,000 inhabitants, ensuring a capillarity that the Company believes to be unique for its sales force