Our Products

Rodobens operates in the Financial Services Segment and the Automotive Retail Segment:

The Financial Services Segment develops and offers financial products, such as Consórcio, Loans and Financing, Insurance Brokerage, Vehicle Leasing and Rental.

The Automotive Retail Segment covers the Company’s entire car and commercial vehicle dealership network, totaling 44 Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and Hyundai resellers. Resellers sell vehicles, parts, accessories, tires and mechanical, body and painting services.

Besides selling vehicles and services, the dealer network is a sales and distribution center for Financial Services, making the dealers an important vehicle for synergy with other Rodobens units. The Company believes that its operating model is unique in Brazil and, due to the high synergy from integrating its businesses and the complementarity of its products, it is possible to have a relationship with the customer throughout each life cycle’s stage with high cross-selling potential.

The Company believes that it has a very predictable revenue, with 61% of its contribution margin from financial products.


Consórcio is a group saving plan, where clients willing to purchase an asset pay monthly installments to an administrator company and in each month have the chance to earn the credit, in a raffle or in a bid.

  • Consórcio neither have interest, nor down payments. Clients pay only an administration fee to the administrator.
  • At the end of the group, all members will have received the credit to purchase their assets.
  • In Consórcio, members can submit a “bid” to anticipate awards.
Consórcio Products
  • Motorcycles
  • Real Estate
  • Heavy Vehicles
  • Light Vehicles
  • Other Services
Loans and Financing
  • CDC
  • Finame
  • Home Equity
  • Floor Plan
  • Payroll Loan
  • Digital Banking
Insurance Brokerage
  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Property
  • Life
  • Health
  • Risk Management
Leasing & Rental
  • Operational Leasing of Commercial Vehicles
  • Rental of Commercial Vehicles
Automotive Retail
  • Light Vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Auto Parts and Services